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Large Structures and Infrastructures for Environmentally Constrained and Urbanised Areas

IABSE Symposium - Venice 2010

Médium: procédés de conférence
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ISBN-10: 3857481226
ISBN-13: 978-3-85748-122-2
Editeur: IABSE
Publié à: Zurich, Suisse
Page(s): 899
Collection: IABSE Reports (No. 97)
Couverture: broché


Auteur(s) Titre Page(s)
ABRAMSKI, Marcin Bearing Behaviour of Biaxial Hollow Core Slabs 544
ADEY, Bryan T. Methodology to Determine Financial Needs of River Structures 378
AKGUL, Ferhat Development of a Bridge Inspection and Management Project 648
ALBERT, Andrej Computer Supported Design of Industrial Buildings Made of Precast Concrete 542
ALEXANDER, Stuart Towards Wider Use of the Accidental Load Case 838
ANABUKI, Takuya Failure Prediction of Full Scale Bridge Pier on 3D Shaking Table Test 214
ANANIA, Laura Shear Test on Full Scale Auxiliary Pier Columns Used in the Viaduct Construction Process 754
ANDERSON, John Measuring Sustainability: Tools for Transitioning to an Ecological Age 238
ARAKI, Hideo Bond Strength of Plain Round Bars Repaired by Epoxy Resin Injection 658
ARENAS, Juan José Third Millennium Bridge over the Ebro River. Zaragoza. Spain 424-425
ARGIOLAS, Carlo Subcontract and Distribution of Process Responsibilities 896
ARICI, Marcello BEF Analogy for Concrete Box Girder Analysis of Bridges 118
ARMENI, Giulia Geodetic Domes for Great-Span Structures: Mandela Forum Project Proposal in Florence 676
ASAKAWA, Kuniaki Overhead Railway Project with Environmentally-Friendly Concepts 618
ASAKAWA, Takeshi Long Span Wooden Structural Beams Assembled with Four Meter long Timbers using Japanese Traditional Connections 206
BALDASSINI, Niccolo 20 Years of Development of Large Transparent Free-Form Envelopes 528
BARBISAN, Umberto Brief Considerations on the Accademia Bridge in Venice 810
BARTOLI, Gianni Wind Assessment for the Design of Structures and Glass Facades of a Very Large Convention Building 500-501
BECONCINI, Maria Luisa A Numerical Algorithm to Predict the Behaviour of Cracked R.C. Members 784
BENCARDINO, Francesco Assessment of In-Place Concrete Strength According to the Major Standards 722
BENCARDINO, Francesco Structural Performance of RC Beams Strengthened by SRG and FRCM System 488
BERGAMI, Alessandro V. A Design Procedure for the Seismic Protection of Infilled Frames by Dissipative Braces 272
BERGER, Johannes New Approach for Bridges with Very High Durability 258
BIANCHI, Ennio Risk Management of Environmentally Constrained Infrastructures 210
BILOTTA, Antonio Bond Behavior at the Interface in Concrete Elements Strengthened with NSM Bars and Strips 348
BITTERMANN, Thomas Lateral Arch Vibrations of a Steel Bowstring Bridge due to Traffic Loads 154
BOB, Corneliu Assessment and Strengthening of a Composite Structure 816
BOEDEFELD, Joerg Crack Mechanism in Thick Concrete Structures During Hydration 110
BONENBERG, Agata Bridges in the Townscape - Poetics of the Image 894
BORRI, Claudio A Comparison Amongst Different Shape Control Methods for Shell Optimization 800
BOSCATO, Giosuè Approach and Methodology in Understanding the Structural Behaviour of Historic Arch Bridges Through Dynamic Monitoring: the Case of Rialto Bridge in Venice 890
BOSCO, Crescentino Pull-Out Experimental Testing on Ribbed Bars Produced in Coils 842
BOSMA, Carlos F. Bridge Management by Modelling, Monitoring and Experimental Research 492
BRAGADIN, Gianni Luigi Stormwater Tanks Option in Remediation of Candiano Head Channel Area at Ravenna: Functions, Design, Environmental Impact 790
BRAML, Thomas Use of Monitoring Data for a Probabilistic Analysis of Structures 126
BRAUN, Christian Static and Dynamic Friction in Curved Surface Sliders 400
BRESTIN, John P. Huey P. Long - Span by Span Erection of Widening Trusses 686
BRISEGHELLA, Bruno Optimized Design for Soil-Pile Interaction and Abutment Size of Integral Abutment Bridges 392
BRISEGHELLA, Bruno Tensegrity Bridge with Prestressed Deck 432
BUEELER, Christoph Indirectly Supported Bridges - Large-Scale Experiment 406
BURDET, Olivier L. Thermal Effects in the Long-Term Monitoring of Bridges 494
BURKE, Rowland 3.2km Precast Segmental Constructed Viaduct - Viaduct V5c, Gautrain Rapid Rail Link 562
CANETTA, Giovanni Evaluation of the Effects of Transit of Subway Trains on Noise and Vibration Levels in the Surrounding Buildings 748
CAOBIANCO, Francesco The New Cable Stayed Bridge in Bari, Italy 548
CAOBIANCO, Francesco A New Steel Arch Bridge in the City of Padua 550-551
CAPELLÁN, Guillermo Form as a Result of Local Conditions. Architectural Design of Two New Urban Bridges in San Sebastian. Spain. 670
CARILLO, Saverio The Huge Enlargement with R.C. Structure of the Shrine of Pompeii in Italy (1933-1939): a Technological, Architectonic and Cultural Challenge 802
CARTER, Matt Ship Impact Studies for the Forth Replacement Crossing 218
CASAGRANDE, Alberto Fastening Systems Applications in Rehabilitation of Historical Buildings & Structures 726
CASTILLO, Alejandro Urban Bridges - Latest Experiences in Andalusia 422-423
CECCOLI, Claudio Correlations Between the Experimental Results of Pseudo-Static Tests with Cyclic Horizontal Load on Concrete/Polystyrene Sandwich Bearing Panels and Their Analytical Counterparts 852
CHEN, Airong The Research of Numerical Simulation of Concrete Durability 442
CHEN, Kang-Ming Mechanical Behaviors Analysis on a Arch Rib Segment of Yongjiang Bridge in the Eastern-Outer-Ring of Ningbo City 172
CHENG, Jin System Reliability Evaluation of Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges 302
CHIN, Won Jong A Study on Integrated Geometry Management and Wireless Control System for the Construction of Concrete Pylon of Cable Stayed Bridges 662
CHIRA, Nicolae Rehabilitation of an Industrial Building in Three Different Solutions 702
CHIRGWIN, Gordon Feasibility of Sacrificial Cathodic Protection as an Effective Corrosion-Control Measure for the Protection of Reinforced Concrete Bridges 644
CHOI, Dong-Ho Evaluation of Critical Loads of Steel Frames using Iterative Buckling Analysis 204
CHOI, Dong-Ho A Parametric Study on the Ultimate Behaviors of Multi-Span Suspension Bridges 282
CHUNG, Young Soo Capacity Spectrum Analysis for the Seismic Performance of RC Bridge Piers in Terms of Ductility Parameters 752
COMAND, Dario Offshore Floating Platform for Renewable Wind Energy 394-395
COMISU, Cristian-Claudiu Structural Identification of Bridges: Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair 386
CONNAL, John Second Gateway Bridge, Brisbane, Australia 706
CONZETT, Jürg Traversina Footbridge - A Wooden Stairway Crossing a Gorge 414
CORNEY, John Active Aerofoil Stabilisation of Long Span Bridge Decks 464
COSYN, Peter Design of the Ax/A11-Motorway: Balancing the Interests of Ecologically Important Areas, Local Citizens and the Port of Zeebrugge 582
CREMER, Jean-Marie Antwerp - Oosterweelverbinding The "Lange Wapper" Bridge 678
CROCE, Pietro Improvement of Damage Equivalence λ-Factors for Railway Steel Bridges 334
CROCE, Pietro Reliability Differentiation in ULS Checks According to EN1990 366
CROTTI, Gianluca An Application of Bragg grating Array to Measure Real-Time Scour Depth at River Bridges 354
CUNHA, Álvaro Recent Advances in Dynamic Testing and Continuous Dynamic Monitoring of Large Bridges 450
CURRAN, Peter Media City Footbridge, Salford Quays 160
CURY, Alexandre Long Term Dynamic Monitoring of a PSC Box Girder Bridge 484
DAI, Gonglian The Recent Improvement of High-Speed Railway Bridges in China 168
DALL'AGLIO, Fabio Fondovalle Dolo Road: Viaduct on the Landslide of Boschi di Valoria 220
DAN, Daniel Structural Analysis, Rehabilitation and Further Development of Health Monitoring Program Concerning Two Reinforced Concrete Chimneys 656
DAN, Sorin Impact of New Design Codes on Assessment and Redesign of Reinforced Concrete Existing Structures in Seismic Regions 452
DANIEL, Ryszard A. Comparison of a Single and Double Main Span Suspension Bridge for the Western Scheldt Crossing 146
DE BACKER, Hans Long-Term Monitoring of Temperatures in Steel Box Girders 270
DE GAETANO, Sergio Ferrari World, Passion for Structural and Cladding Engineering 540-541
DE LUCA, Antonello Don Bosco Bridge at Arenaccia: Structure, Art and Architecture 864
DE LUCCHI, Michele The Bridge of Peace: A Monument to Tbilisi's Different Identities 200
DE MIRANDA, Mario Bridges in Venice - Architectural and Structural Engineering Aspects 812
DE MIRANDA, Mario New Developments in Brazilian Cable Stayed Bridges 516
DEL GROSSO, Andrea E. Unconventional Structural Forms in Pedestrian Bridge Design 520-521
DEMARZO, Mauro A. Wooden Cable-Stayed Footbridge with Curved Carriageway in Urbanised Area 534
DESAI, Neeraj Innovatively Engineered and Architectural Infrastructure Development in a Dense Urban Corridor 796
DESCHENES, Dean Structural Assessment of ASR/DEF-Affected Bridge Bent Caps 478
DETTE, Grischa Maintenance of Important Infrastructures - Objectives and Strategies 376
DI MARCO, Roberto The New Fornello Viaduct: Method of Seismically Strengthening the Piers and Replacing the Deck Without Interrupting Traffic 398-399
DI SIVO, Michele Infrastructure Management and Maintenance for Urban Environment Quality and Sustainability. Olympic Assets 700
DI SIVO, Michele Non-Destructive Technologies for the Maintenance of Underground Utilities 824
Diana, Giorgio The Messina Strait Bridge: Major Problems Affecting the Design 2
DICLELI, Murat Effect of Modelling Simplifications on Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Integral Bridges Including Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction 590
DICLELI, Murat Performance Based Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Steel Braces and a Link 128
Ding, Jiemin Recent Applications and Practices of Large-Span Steel Structure in China 58-76
DöHLER, Michael Confidence Intervals on Modal Parameters in Stochastic Subspace Identification 734
DöHLER, Michael Modular Subspace-Based System Identification and Damage Detection on Large Structures 736
DOMANESCHI, Marco Seismic Mitigation of the ASCE Cable-Stayed Bridge 298
DOMANESCHI, Marco A Strategy for Modelling External User Element in ANSYS: the Bouc-Wen and the Skyhook Case 608
DOMANESCHI, Marco When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Gets Going: Skyhook Structural Control of Suspended Bridge under Strong Wind Excitation 732
DORRER, Günther Danube Bridge Tulln - A New Bridge with Innovative Concept 418-419
DRAGAN, Rares V. Solutions Regarding the Impact of Large Structures upon Public Space - Multi-Functional Hall - Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Case Study 346
DUCOMMUN, Yves Thermal Control Through a Unique Coloured Solar Curtain Wall Solution 680
Duguid, Brian Nottingham Station Bridge, UK 80
EDLUND, Bo L. O. Risk, Structural Engineering and Society 134
EGGER, Philipp Damping System for Existing and New Structures 362
ESCAMILLA, Manuel New Removable Bridge over the Bay of Cadiz 694
ESCAMILLA, Manuel Second Bay of Cadiz Bridge - Latest Construction Challenges 472
FACCHINI, Luca Optimisation of the Acquisition Points in Wind Tunnel Pressure Measurements 874
FAN, Liang Experimental Study on the Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Arch Ribs to Combined Bending and Compression 884
Fargier G., Luis B. A Proposed Live Load Model for Bridge Design in Venezuela 474
FEDERICO, Francesco Mechanical Effects of Floods on River Bridge Pier Foundations 878
FENG, Dianshi Actual Stiffness Identification of Constructed Bridges 652
FERRARI, Rosalba Structural Modelling of the Piers of the Paderno d'Adda Bridge (1889, Italy) 778
FINK, Josef Extremely Slender Steel and Composite Deck Slab for Railway Bridges 178
FISCHER, Oliver The Real Price - Holistic Cost-Efficiency Considerations in Design and Construction of Infrastructure Projects 236
FLANAGAN, John W. The Realisation of the Samuel Beckett Bridge - Dublin, Ireland 106
FORABOSCHI, Paolo Composite Beam: Non-Linear Analytical Exact Fully-Developed Model 180
FUCHS, Maximilian M. Profiled Steel Pipes - Innovative Reinforcement for Floor Slabs with Concrete Core Activation 570
FURTNER, Peter Approach for the Life-Cycle Management of Structures Including Durability Analysis, Shm and Maintenance Planning 436
GEIER, Roman Development of Integral Bridge Design in Austria 552-553
GEIER, Roman Monitoring of the Vienna Erdberger Bridge 389
GENTILE, Carmelo Construction Phases and Reception Tests of the New Cable-Stayed Bridge over the Adda River (Northern Italy) 728
GENTILE, Carmelo Dynamic Measurement on Stay-Cables Using Microwave Interferometry 440
GHARIGHORAN, Alireza Steel Bridge SHM in Isfahan: Bridge Over Zayandehrod River 822
GHAZNAVI, Amin The Effects of Reduced Beam Section Connections on Seismic Displacement Demands in Steel Moment Frames 556
GHAZNAVI, Amin Study of New Method for Retrofitting Pre-Northridge Connections by Reducing Beam Section 108
GIANOLI, Andreas Spatial Concrete Plate Structures 580
GKOLOGIANNIS, Christos Structural Design of the New Football Stadium of Panathinaikos F.C. in Votanikos, Greece 182
GOMEZ, Roberto Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge: The Case of "The Baluarte Bridge" 116
GÖPPERT, Knut The New Airport "Berlin-Brandenburg-International" 144
GOULET, James-A. CMS4SI Structural Identification Approach for Interpreting Measurements 224
GRIMALDI, Antonio Design Optimization of Road Continuous Girder Bridges 830
GUALTERO, Ivan Prioritization Strategy for Replacing Florida's Deck Panel Bridges 438
HARVEY, Bill The Confidence to Build
Understanding and Analysis in the Re-Use of Structures
Hauf, Gunter Slim-Floor Girder - Experimental Tests and Design Rules for the Deflection 82-83
HAUSER, Holger Crossing the Funder Valley Using the Patented Match-Cast Incremental Launching Method 274
HE, Jun Construction Process Simulation of Moveable Hybrid GFRP/ Concrete Bridge Deck 152
HE, Jun Cyclic Behaviour of Prefabricated High-Strength Concrete Composite Beam-to-Column Joints 586
HE, Xuhui Case Study of Bus Rapid Transit Bridges in Xiamen, China 794
HEGGER, Josef A Slender Pedestrian Bridge Made of Textile Reinforced Concrete 156
HEPKEMA, Luuk Two "Deck-On-Piles" Bridges in Lagos (Nigeria) 758
HIKONE, Shigeru Sustainable and Quake-Resistant Façade for Existing Buildings 426
HONDA, Hideyuki Structural Performance of Large Timber King Post Truss Highway Bridge 246
HONG, Namhee K. Toward 21st Century Bridge Design Through Collaborative Design Process 530
HOSNY, Abdel-Hady Applications of FRP Projects in Egypt 584
HU, Guanyu Experimental and Computational Studies on Steel Beam End Framing Connections in Fire 216
HU, Ke Design and Optimization of a Long Span Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge 854
HU, Zhi-Jian Aesthetic Design for the Shi-Cong Viaduct 578
HUO, Bing Yu Experimental and Analytical Study of Push-Out Shear Tests in Ultra Shallow Floor Beams 174
IGARASHI, Akira Uplifting Slide Bearing (1) - Characterization of Dynamic Properties 352
INFANTI, Samuele The Behavior of Rion - Antirion Bridge Seismic Protection System During the Earthquake of "Achaia-Ilia" on June 8, 2008 306
ISSA, Camille A. Utilization of Recycled Rubber in Concrete Mix Design 696
JACINTO, Luciano Bayesian Probabilistic Assessment of In-Situ Concrete Strength 228
JAKOBSEN, Svein Erik New Fredrikstad Bascule Bridge, Norway 804
JANJIC, Dorian Closing the Gap Between Bridge Analysis and Detailing 862
JANJIC, Dorian Gwangyang Bridge - Numerical Simulation of Construction Sequence 834
JANJIC, Dorian Modern Approach in Concrete Segmental Design 836
JANSSENS, Victoria The Importance of Dynamic Effects in Progressive Collapse 604
JARAS, Arūnas The Dynamic Investigation of the Cultural Heritage Buildings in Vilnius City 868
JIANG, Jing The Design of Pre-Stressed Concrete Continuous Curved Beam Bridge with Extra-Small Radius and Large Curvature in New Wuhan Railway Station 620
JIMENEZ, Javier Cerradura Stress-Ribbon Footbridge. Iznajar (Spain) 674
JIMENEZ, Javier Studies for Controlling Human-Induced Vibration of Two Nielsen-Truss Footbridges in Malaga (Spain) 738
JORAY, Dominic Reconstruction of the New Station Square in Berne, Switzerland 724
JOSAT, Ole PREON - The Flexible Standard in Hall Construction 688
JUNG, Jaeho Practical Design of Continuous Two Main-span Suspension Bridge in Korea 284
KAITO, Kiyoyuki Statistical Deterioration Prediction Model for Individual Infrastructure Considering its Heterogeneity 720
KANG, Jae Yoon Behaviour of Tendon Anchorage Zone for Ultra-High Performance Concrete Members 634
KAPOOR, Rakesh Planning and Design of Elevated Road for Aizawl City 698
KARAKAS, Alexander Knowledge-Based Expert System for Strengthening Measures of Road Bridges 380
KARAKI, Ghada Influence of Bridge Vehicle Interaction on the Bridge's Subsystems Considering Road Roughness 880
KARDON, Joshua B. Forensic Engineering Ethics and Failures of Infrastructure Facilities 242
KASAEE, Adel Evaluation of Increasing Coefficient of Fundamental Period of Buildings 624
KATO, Yoshihisa Uplifting Slide Bearing(4) - Application for a 3-Span Steel Girder 358
KAUNDINYA, Ingo Integrated Rescue Galleries - an Alternative Safety Concept for Road Tunnels 594
KAWABATA, Yuichiro New Design Proposal for Simplified Maintenance of Open-Type Wharf 718
KEROKOSKI, Olli Integral Bridge Abutment - Approach Embankment Interaction 462
KHODAVERDIAN, Alireza The Actions of Axial Loads on Masonries - Ultrasonic Verifications and Statistical Analysis of Obtained Data 886
KIM, Hando Developing 5D System Connecting Cost, Schedule and 3D Model 382
KIM, Ho-Kyung Un balanced Application of Wind Stabilizing Cables for the Free Cantilevered Construction of a Cable-Stayed Bridge 776
KIM, Young-Min TMD Method of Construction for the Cable Stayed Bridge in the Environmentally Constrained Areas 222
Kino, Junichi Concrete Columns that Don't Collapse Easily During Large Earthquakes 86-87
KITE, Steve Design of the Forth Replacement Crossing, Scotland, UK 202
KNIGHT, Martin Exploring Issues of Aesthetics in a Railway Environment: The Infrastructure of Stratford City, London 162
KNOBLOCH, Markus In Situ Tests on Steel Deck Concrete Composite Slabs at Zurich Airport 360
Krizek, Jaromir Design Tool for Practical Design of Integral Bridges 96-97
KUBOTA, Yoshiaki Systematization of Structures and Forms of Truss Systems 198-199
KUDZYS, Antanas Precast Spun Concrete Piers of Road Bridges and their Probability-Based Design 396
KUMAR, Pardeep Performance Assessment and Maintenance of Masonry Arch Bridges 818
KUNITSU, Hiroaki Seismic Retrofit of Tokyo Tower 194
KUNZ, Jakob Safety against Tunnel Fire for Post-Installed Reinforcement 304
KUSS, Stefan Development and Application of Liquid-V-Dampers 638
KUSUMA, Amelia Comparative Assessment of Enhanced Multi-Mode Pushover Analysis Methods for Performance Based Design 840
Kwon, Young Bong Compression Tests of Longitudinally Stiffened Plates Undergoing Distortional Buckling 92
LAGO, Alberto Structural and Architectural Design of Complex-Shaped Structures in Seismic Regions: Early Stages from a Practical Perspective 788
LAMBERTI, Renato Visual Impact Assessment for Infrastructure Design 668
LARSSON, Oskar Estimation of Extreme Climatic Thermal Actions in Concrete Structures 252
LAVORATO, Davide Experimental Investigation of the Seismic Response of Repaired R.C. Bridges by Means of Pseudodynamic Tests 448
LEE, Jaeho Long-Term Prediction of Bridge Element Performance Using Time Delay Neural Networks (TDNNs) 374
Leendertz, Johan S. Wheel Prints and Axle Geometries for Static and Fatigue Load Models of Expansion Joints for Road Bridges 84-85
LEI, Ying A New Type of Intelligent Wireless Sensing Network for Health Monitoring of Long Span Bridges 486
LEMBO, Filiberto Eco-Sustainable Reuse of "Costantinopoli" Quarry in Sala Consilina 428
LI, Chuanxi Decision Method on Reasonable Design State of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge with Spatial Cables 114
LI, Edward Maximizing Waters of the Niagara River for Power Generation: Challenges Constructing the Niagara Tunnel Intake Approach 690
LI, Jianbao Test and Analysis of the Precast Composite RC Shear Wall 460
LI, Lingying The Research on Live Load Model for High-Speed Passenger Railway Bridge 622
LIANG, Zhu Test of Wind Parameters and Cable Vibration of Shenzhen Bay Bridge 212
LINSE, Diethelm 100 Years Intze Gravity Dams - Even Today Indispensable Infrastructure Facilities 654
LIU, Chao Shear Strength Investigation of Concrete Girders with Proposed Horizontal Shear Reinforcements in Webs 560
LIU, Wenshuo Comparison Study on Model Selection of Small-Radius Curved Bridge 750
LIU, Wenshuo Study on Small and Medium Continuous Beams in Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway 166
LLONGUERAS, Jaume Urban Demolitions in Barcelona 642
LOW, Angus The Alignment, the Link between the Bridge and the Landscape 858
LOW, Angus The Design of Post-Tensioned Concrete Box Girders to Eurocodes 336
LUKACEVIC, Ivan Reliability of Exceptional Structures 288
LUPOAE, Marin The Behaviour Analysis of RC Frame Structure under Explosion Loading 294
Mah, Andrew D. Case Study: The Need to Improve Specifications to Ensure Quality Control in Galvanized Steel 88-89
MÄHR, Tobias Adoption of the Response Spectra Method to Calculate the Dynamic Response of Railway-Bridges 636
MAJOWIECKI, Massimo Design Assisted By Wind Tunnel Testing 498
MAJOWIECKI, Massimo The New Juventus Stadium in Turin 522
Majowiecki, Massimo Reduced Stress Method for Class 4 Steel Section 340
Majowiecki, Massimo Structural Optimization and Free form Design 342
MAKHOUL, Nisrine The Building Rehabilitation Case: Protection Against Seismic Risk 240
MALERBA, Pier Giorgio A New Landmark Arch Bridge in Milan 792
MANFRONI, Odine Dynamic Condensation of Structural Systems 848
MANGANARO, Mario Ancient Bridges, New Landscapes 666
MANGERIG, Ingbert The Application of Concrete Dowels in Large Structures 330
MANTEROLA ARMISéN, Javier A Modern Lattice Bridge over Ticino River in the Ticino Natural Park 188
MARGINSON, Andrew Paul Preliminary Design of a New Crossing of the River Mersey 616
Maria KIDO, Ewa Structural Art and Aesthetics of Architecture at Impressive Mega-Stations 420
MARINA, Ognen New Urban Bridge as a Socially Responsible Public Space 898
MARTIN, Marcos Second Bay of Cadiz Bridge. Quality Control and Monitoring 660
MATOS, Jose Campose Non Linear Probabilistic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures 122
MATSUI, Masahiro Evaluation of Time History of Design Wind Speeds using Typhoon Model and Empirical Wind Characteristics 338
MATSUMOTO, Masato Introduction of Non-Destructive Highway Inspection Methods using High Definition Video and Infrared Imaging Technology 322
MATSUMURA, Masahide Dynamic Response of Bridge System with Knocking-Off Members 344
MAZZAROLO, Enrico Bond-Slip Modeling in Long Anchorage Condition 410
MEDEOT, Renzo The European Standard on Anti-seismic Devices 466
MEINHARDT, Christian Application of Tuned Mass Control Systems for Earthquake Protection 506-507
MENDEZ G., Carlos Parametric Evaluation of Seismic Damage on Curved Highway Viaducts under Near-Fault Earthquakes 370
MEZZI, Marco Critical Aspects in Designing Earthquake-Resistant Dual Systems 704
MILAN, Andreina Tausendfüssler and Brückenfamilie in Düsseldorf, (1950-1976). A technological and Symbolic Icon of the Post-War Reconstruction in Germany. 576
MIRZABOZORG, Hasan Perimetral Joint Effects on Stress Distribution and Seismic Behaviour of Arch Dams 364
MÖLLER, Mikael Shear Buckling Resistance of Non-Uniform Thickness Bridge Girder Webs 402
MONTENS, Serge Tianxingzhou Bridge: World Record Span for Railway Cable-Stayed Bridges 254
MORBIATO, Tommaso A Lightweight Suspension Footbridge Lights New Urban Perspectives: The Porta d'Europa in Padova 866
MORGENTHAL, Guido Aerodynamic Behaviour of Very Long Cable-Stayed Bridges during Construction 292
MUJUMDAR, Vilas Civil Infrastructure Systems as a Complex Interdependent System 742
NAKAJIMA, Akinori Shaking Table Test of Viaduct Model and its Numerical Analysis Focusing on Damping Modeling 326
NEY, Laurent Oosterweel Link & Nijmegen City Bridge: Two Examples of an Integral Approach to Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects in an Urban Context 526-527
NILSSON, Mattias The Instrumentation and Monitoring of the Vårby Bridge 300
NOGUCHI, Hiroshi Analytical Study on Seismic Performance of Column with Secondary Wall 882
NORDENSON, Guy J. P. Soft Infrastructure in the Urban Estuary / Palisade Bay 158
OHNO, Masahito Structural Design of the Japan Pavilion in Shanghai Expo 846
ONOUE, Kozo Change in Mechanical Properties of Early-Age Concrete under Repetitive Compressive Stress 444
OSAFUNE, Toshikazu Impact Absorbing Damper to Suppress Bridge Vibration at Joints 316
Ostenfeld, Klaus H. An Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach to Design of Major Fixed Links 26
OUTTIER, Amelie Design Methods for Buckling of Steel Tied Arch Bridges 262
PAULSSON, Björn Sustainable Bridges - Results from a European Integrated Research Project 314
PAYÁ-ZAFORTEZA, Ignacio On the Development of Structural Criticism through Case Studies 192
Pelke, Eberhard The Refurbishing of the Nibelungen Bridge Worms, Germany 312
PELLEGRINO, Carlo Arranging Geometric Configuration of Cable-Stayed Bridges Taking Fatigue into Account 692
PENG, Hui 40-Year-Old Bridge Strengthened with Prestressed CFRP Laminates and Monitored by FBG Gauge 602
PENG, Jianxin Climate Change and Its Influences on Spatial Time-Dependent Reliability of Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Subject to Carbonation-Induced Corrosion 136
PETURSSON, Hans Low-Cycle Fatigue Strength of Steel Piles 628
PIPINATO, Alessio Innovative Methods for Railway Steel Bridge Remaining Life Estimation 384
PIRAS, Maria Valeria Vulnerabilty Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Through Fuzzy Logic Analysis of Visual Inspection Compared to Chemical Inspection 876
PLACE, David A New Railway for Old in East London 558-559
POPA, Anca Gabriela Performance-Based Analysis of Steel Structures with Semi-Rigid Connections 356
POTHISIRI, Thanyawat Critical Temperatures for Splitting of FRP-Reinforced Concrete with Thermal Expansion 504
QUAGLINI, Virginio Current Limits of PTFE in Sliding Bearings 774
QUAGLINI, Virginio High Performance Materials for Pendulum Sliding Bearings 772
RADIC, Jure Structural - Architectural Approach to Bridge Design 416-417
RAMASWAMY, Ananth Condition Assessment of a Steel Plate Girder Railway Bridge 446
RAMÔA CORREIA, Joao Structural Behaviour of Composite Sandwich Panels for Civil Engineering Applications 762
RAPATTONI, Frank Engineering and Architecture Unite for Railway Bridge 190
RASCHE, Christina The Load Bearing Capacity of Fillet Welded Connections of High Strength Steel 184
RAUCH, Marion Dimensioning of Structures Made of UHPFRC 176
REIS, Antonio Two Large Bridge Projects in Environmentally Constrained Areas 532-533
ROLVINK, Anke StructuralComponents - a Toolbox for Conceptual Structural Design 768
ROMO, José Cartagena Auditorium Facades: a New Structural and Sustainable Skin System 806
ROMO, José Riudellots High Speed Line Bridge 808
ROUSAKIS, Theodoros Fiber Reinforced Polymer Confinement of Bridge Columns Suffering from Premature Bars' Buckling - Strength Empirical Model 404
RUAN, Xin Analysis of Highway Vehicle Load in China Based on WIM Data 512
RUSSO, Gaetano Retrofit with FRP Elements and Seismic Performance Assessment of the Historic "Castagnara" Bridge in Padua, Italy 554-555
SACRISTÁN, Miguel Architectural Engineering Applied to the Design of Urban Bridges
New Paradigm for the Use of Classic Typologies in Urban Areas
SAELI, Manfredi Nanocomposite, an Innovative Route to Large Structure and Infrastructure Protection. A Case of Study: CNT-Doped Polyurea. 650
SAITO, Shigehiko Numerical Approach to Structural Performance Assessment of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures 104
SAMPò, Luca Form and Structural Invention in the Work of Riccardo Morandi 782
SANTOS, Sergio H. C. The Brazilian Standard for Seismic Design: General Aspects and Seismological Basis 94-95
SARMIENTO, Marta Structural Response of Spatial Arches with Imposed Curvature 278
SATO, Tomoaki Uplifting Slide Bearing (3) - Development of the Analytical Model 746
SCHLAICH, Jörg German Railway Bridges - New Paths of Conceptual Design 232
SCHMID, Volker Metropol Parasol: A New Plaza and a Unique Timber Mega Structure Right in the Heart of Seville 196-197
SCHNELLENBACH-HELD, Martina Physical Nonlinear Model Adaptation in Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring: Proposals of Experimental Studies on a Reinforced Concrete Beam 740
SCHOTTE, Ken Strain Gauge Measurements during the Assembly of the Diabolo Tunnel 626
SCHUILING, Edwin Increasing Road Capacity by Emergency Laws "Broadening of the Roads" 646
SCHULZ, Mauro Design Procedure for Plane Elements with Skew Reinforcement 280
SEITZ, Peter Nuremberg Metro Line U3 Northwest Extension
Stations and Tracks in Inner-City Areas
SHARMA, Sandeep New Urbanism - An Approach Towards Developing Indian Contemporary Cities 798
SHI, Xuefei Failure Analysis of a Long-Span Pre-Stressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge 408
SHIMA, Hiroshi Formulation for Load-Slip Relationships of Headed Stud Connector 630
SHRESTHA, Krishna Man Creep Analysis of Encased CFST Arch Bridges, A Case Study of Wanxian Yangtze River Bridge 510-511
SILMAN, Robert What Do We Mean by ‘Ethics' in Engineering? 234
SKORPA, Lidvard A Feasibility Study: Crossing of the Sognefjord with a Fixed Connection 760
SOBRINO, Juan A. Trillizos Bridges (The Triplets) in La Paz, Bolivia 430
SPOTH, Thomas Autoroute A-25 Project - Main Bridge Innovations 780
SPULER, Thomas Expansion Joint Renewal with ‘Zero' Impact on Traffic - An Optimal Solution for Urban Bridges 820
SPULER, Thomas Expansion Joints for Urban Bridges - Quiet, Reliable and Low-Maintenance 832
SPULER, Thomas Structural Health Monitoring - Saving Disruptive Works on Urban Bridges 482
STAEL, Dries The Influence of Diaphragm Stiffening on Welded Tubular Nodes in Arch Bridges 112
STIPANIC, Bratislav Design Proposal of New Roadway Bridge across the Danube in Novi Sad 682
STIPANIC, Bratislav New Bridge Across Sava River in the Scope of Belgrade Inner Semi-Ring Road 518-519
SUGIOKA, Koichi Seismic Retrofit Design for a Network Arch Bridge with Energy Absorbing Devices 324
SUN, Jianyuan Conceptual Design of Double-Deck Traffic for City Bridge 844
TABRIZI, Mohamad Hossein Maleki The Properties of Arches Under Loading Especially for Historical Buildings 572-573
TABSH, Sami Structural Safety of Reinforced Concrete Structures Designed Following the ACI 318 Code 256
TAKAMURA, Yoshiyuki New Low-Rigidity Design for Widening of Elevated Bridges 766
TAKIMOTO, Kazushi Evaluation of Seismic Capacity Related to Damage Degree for Repaired Reinforced Concrete Members 600
TASSEW, Samson Textile Reinforced Ceramic Composites for Structural Infill Slab Applications 268
TERAI, Masakazu Consideration of Scale Effect in Concrete Members 248
THOMSEN, Kjeld Odin's Bridge 524-525
TOGNOLI, Joe A Curved Self Anchored Suspension Bridge 860
Toma, Shouji Comparisons of Composite Girder Bridge Designs in the World by Benchmark 78
TOZSER, Oliver Using Acoustic Monitoring to Extend the Life of Post-Tensioned Cable Supported Bridges 138
TROMBETTI, Tomaso A Case Study of a Building in L'Aquila, Italy for Evaluating the Effects of Masonry Infills on the Seismic Behavior of R.C. Frame Structures 508
TROMBETTI, Tomaso Identification of Uniform Hazard Time-Histories for Seismic Design 888
Trombetti, Tomaso Stiffness-Strength-Ductility Design Approach: an Application to a Five-Storey Steel Building Structure 850
UBERTINI, Filippo Identification of Wind-Excited Suspension Bridges for SHM: a Feasibility Study 290
UNO, Hiroshige Uplifting Slide Bearing (2) - Verification of Seismic Response by Tests 744
VáKáR, L. I. (László) The Sustainable Highway for Environmentally Constrained Urbanized Areas 566
VAN BOGAERT, Philippe Design and Construction of a double-Curved Railway Overpass and 3-Track Tubular Arch 564
VAN BOGAERT, Philippe Tied Arch Bridges with Optimized Arrangement of a Limited Number of Hangers 150
VARAS, Jesus Mediavilla Blast Resistance Behaviour of Steel Frame Structures 226
VERGOOSSEN, Rob Influence of Detailing on Shear in Existing Concrete Viaducts 320
VERGOOSSEN, Rob Strengthening Large Concrete Box-Girder Bridge on Shear 318
VESTRONI, Fabrizio Dynamical Tests and Analysis for the Assessment of Structural Conditions of Bridges 490
VON BORSTEL, Thomas Adaptable High-Rise Buildings 170
VORWAGNER, Alois Improvement of Serviceability by Strengthening with Prestressed NSM 387
WANG, Dalei Influence of Wind Barrier on Wind-Resistant Performance on Some Cable-Stayed Bridges in China Through Wind Tunnel Tests 502-503
WANG, Lei Experimental Study on Effect of Corrosion-Induced Cracking on Bond Property Between Deformed Steel Bar and Concrete 592
WATANABE, Ken Shear Resistant Mechanism of Reinforced Concrete Beams for Seismic Design of Railway Structures 612
WATSON, Ronald J. Applications of Disk Bearings on Large Structures 828
WELLER, Bernhard Glass Roof with Load Bearing Glazing 458
WELLER, Bernhard Transparent Façade Solutions with Bonded Glass-Steel Beams 632
WENDNER, Roman Monitoring Based Evaluation of Design Criteria for Concrete Frame Bridges 332
WENZEL, Helmut Combination of Multiple Non-Linearities in Structural Modelling, Simulation and Assessment Work 310
WENZEL, Helmut Quantification of Remaining Lifetime of Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges 598
WIUM, Jan A. An Evaluation of the Prediction of Flat Slab Deflections 276
WU, Wen-Qing Investigation on Construction Quality Indices for Concrete Box Girders 606
XIANG, Hong Exploration of Large-Span Steel Box-Concrete Composite Continuous Rigid Frame Bridges 712
XIAO, Guang-Hong Environment Effects of Urban Construction and the Prevention Measures 764
XIAO, Ru-Cheng Research on the Structural System of Super 1000m Cable-Stayed Bridges 264
XIAO, Xiangnan Case study of a Simply-Supported Channel-Box Girder under Special Live Load 614
XU, Dong Modelling of a Major Composite Cable-Stayed Bridge 250
Xu, Lei Floor Vibration Performance of Lightweight Cold-Formed Steel Framing 90-91
XU, Yong Design and Construction of Arch Bridge with Variable Steel-Concrete Composite Section Based on Vertical Erection-Rotation Method 714
XUE, Junqing Experimental Research on Debonding in Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes Columns Subjected to Eccentric Loading 132
Yan, Bin A Comparative Study on Viaduct Structure Around New High-Speed Railway Stations 102
YAN, Dong Probability-Based Vulnerability Assessment of Cable-Stayed Bridges 124
YOSHIMURA, Toshihiro Aerodynamic Stability of Large Suspension Bridge Using Cable Frames 148
ZANAICA, Luca Angel's Hospital Railway Station in Mestre Venice: Fire Analysis 546-547
ZANAICA, Luca New Old-Fashioned-Style Lattice Footbridge and Retrofitting of a Masonry Arch Bridge in the Ticino Natural Park 538
ZANDONINI, Riccardo Network-Level Seismic Risk Management of Regional Road Infrastructure 296
Zanuy, Carlos Serviceability of Reinforced Concrete Beams Under High-Cycle Fatigue Loading 100
ZEHETMAIER, Gerhard Durable and Robust Concrete Bridges for the PPP-Project E18 in Norway 770
ZEZZA, Fulvio The Heritage Bridges of the Gardesana Occidentale Lake Garda, Italy 870
ZHANG, Jianren Experimental Testing of Stirrup Corroded RC Beam with Oblique Steel Reinforcement 140
ZHANG, Jie Research of Risk Assessment Technology for Long-Span Bridge 130
ZHANG, Kebo Experimental Investigation on Effect of Corrosion on Reinforcement Strength 596
ZHANG, Qiu-Ling Research on the Collision Force Between Ships and the Piers of Fengjie Yangtze River Bridge 368
ZHANG, Yingying Construction Process Analysis of Lianyungang Gymnasium Suspen Dome 480
ZHONG, Wei-Qiu Compression Performance of Non-dispersible Concrete Columns 468
ZHOU, Zhimin The Parametric Research of Prestressed Concrete Continuous Girder Bridge for High-Speed Railway 456
ZHOU, Zhixiang Exploration of Structural Performance of Stiffened Steel-Concrete Composite Beams with Perforated Stiffening Rib Plates 708
ZHOU, Zhixiang Exploration of Super-Large-Span Prestressed Steel Truss-Concrete Composite Continuous Rigid Frame Bridges 710
ZMIGRODZKI, Stefan Montreal - Aquatic Complex for 2005 FINA World Championships 574-575
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